Mini Little Stitchers

What is the Mini Little Stitcher’s Club?

It is a cross stitch club aimed at children between 6-10, 100% gender neutral, promoting kindness through crafting & getting children to experience stitching through fun & child friendly kits.

How will it work?

You & your little person will be able to choose from a list of 12-15 different designs to stitch up (everything from animals to unicorns, space, robots and butterflies) you will be able to purchase one off boxes or discounted 3/6/12 month’s subscriptions if you wanted to. Each month your child will receive in the post a personalised, stitchy happy mail box (addressed to them directly!)

What will be included?

The club boxes will include two full kits to stitch up, using our specially designed stitching frames (you can see them in the pictures) which are made from sustainable plywood & are manufactured in the UK. They have pre-drilled holes, are super lightweight and durable (perfect for little hands!) They will also include all the thread needed, a blunt needle suitable for children, a step-by-step guide on how to stitch/ a explanation of all the different items in the box & a special link to our youtube channel (if you need help).
The main kit will be the one you have chosen and the extra kit will be something that is limited to the club (to start with it’s going to be letters of the Alphabet). The boxes & all the material will come with our new ‘Mini Little Stitcher’s’ Branding.

How much will it cost & when will the launch date be?

As with everything we do, value for money is super important as we want every child to be able to join in 🙂 the cost of the boxes will be around £9.99 (discounted for pre paid subs) plus shipping (which is a flat rate so you won’t get charged anything additional for extra children) We are hoping to launch in November 2018

Which charity are you working with?

We want to be able to give something back to children in need so for each sale of any of the Mini little stitcher’s range we will be donating £1 to a local Children’s Hospice charity in the South West (you can find out about their work here 

What have been the challenges?

The main challenge has been the manufacturing of the stitching board. I didn’t want it to be a hoop and material like normal kits as I thought that these were just not suitable for younger stitchers, plus I wanted the boards to be made in the UK & from sustainable material. The only way to do this has been to bring the manufacturing in-house which of course comes with financial risk but I am super passionate about making this work so I will think about that later 🙂 Our new CNC machine will be turning up in the next few weeks, which means that all the boards will be made in-house by one of our little team!

Anything else?

For the first 50 children that sign up to the club we will be sending out a free A4 rewards poster (each kit that your child receives in the post, they will get a sticker which they can pop on the chart, once they have 5 completed kits they get a special one for free!) the rewards poster will also contain some cute character’s to colour in and notes on how to perform little act’s of kindness 🙂 ohh and there will be some standard kids cross stitch kits coming out at just before Christmas, more details of these soon!

Please email us – [email protected] to reserve a box or for more info

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