The Geeky Stitching Club

Established in 2015 ‘The Geeky Stitching Club’ as the first cross stitching subscription club! Each month we design an exclusive club box theme full of stitchy fun! Themes can be anything from Christmas, to doughnuts or unicorns and they *always* include a pun 

What’s included?

Each month our members receive the cutest cross stitching happy mail from us which includes one full cross stitch kit, 2 extra patterns, 1 mini supplies kit plus some sweet treats AND it all comes gift wrapped in one of special printed boxes, sprinkled with confetti and with a personalised name sticker. You can include an extra FULL kit and pom pom trim for just £5 extra a month ( and no extra postage charge) just select the XXL box version. 

Any other benefits?

Members also benefit from all of the below

  • FREE access to this area (worth £29.99!)
  • FREE access to the PDF club (just click on the Sub link and add to your basket, don’t worry you won’t get charged!) Worth £50 per year!
  • 15% discount on EVERYTHING throughout the year (Just make sure you are logged into you account and it will automatically deduct the percentage)
  • Stitchy Points! for every sub & website purchase we will credit your account with stitchy points that you can redeem at any time
  • 1000 stitchy points in your birthday month! ( Make sure you message us to tell us when your Birthday is)
  • Special discounted products that are only available to memebers
  • News and all the stuff that’s happening at Geeky Stitching Co HQ

How much does it cost?

Prices start from just £10.99 per month & we ship internationally! Check the FAQ’s section for more details on individual price plans 

Can I cancel whenever?

Yep! you can choose between a recurring or one of payment plan. With the recurring payments you can cancel whenever you like and prices are fixed. With the one of payments you purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month sub for a super discounted rate, these will automatically renew after the original time period so please ensure you cancel your sub 72 hours before the renewal date if you do not wish for your sub to renew.


What theme will my first box be? 

Check out the pics on the right to see what your first box will be! If you sign up today your first box will be Sunflower themed!  The 17th of each month is the cut off date for the current theme. We only have limited boxes available every month so if you see a ‘Sold out’ message it means that all that months boxes have been sold.

Check out the FAQ tab for all other questions you may have!

How does it work?

Choose a recurring or one off payment plan

Enter your shipping details

Your box will be shipped within 2 weeks. Yay!

Signing up

Signing up is so super easy! Once you have decided which payment option you would like (either re-occurring payments or one off) you just need to enter a few shipping details and then your box will be shipped to you within two weeks.

You will also be able to access our ‘Members Only’ area within 24 hours of signing up & you just need your email address to do so (you can find the members only area on the home page)

We highly recommend that you read through all the FAQ’s relating to the our subscriptions before you sign up, as it includes all the info you need regarding cancellations, auto-renews and shipping. You can check them out here.

Please also check out our FAQ’s for more detailed info on the club but please feel free to contact us if you need any more info!

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