Hey 2019!

I had all the intentions to do a round up of 2018 but the last few months of the year were so insanely busy/stressful that I don’t really want to think about it again for a while (or until next Christmas at least!) but all I do want to say is that it was our best year ever (by seriously loads) and thank you to everyone who brought stuff from us, you really are great! So, what’s the deal for 2019? We have a few things that we are focusing on …

  • The Mini Little Stitchers club/ cross stitch kits – this is the kiddo’s version of the adults subs, everything kids club got pushed to the side in the run up to Christmas and I really want to get that going again in the next few weeks – so hang in there if you have been waiting for EVER to buy them (I appreciate you and your patience, so thank you!)
  • There are a few changed to the subs coming your way from Feb (nothing crazy just a few tweaks to make it better really!) we won’t be including an extra DMC skein in your boxes from feb as we will be including some Pom pom trim with your hoop instead. There are a couple of reasons for this and the main one is that DMC are putting up there prices AGAIN by 5% which is making the extra skein so expensive to include in the boxes (the threads for the kits will still be DMC) & we don’t want to charge you guys any more so by including the pom pom trim instead means that we can keep the prices the same. It also means that we can switch to a better quality hoop in the sub boxes and also general kit order’s – so that’s a good thing too!
  • Working on reducing our carbon footprint – the environment and our carbon footprint as a business is something that is really important to me – currently all our boxes/ packaging is recyclable or made from recyclable materials where possible but there are a few things that we can work on to improve this. One of the things is that all the patterns will now be on A5 double sided paper (which means we will be halving the amount of paper we will be using by doing this!) plus it means because the patterns are formatted differently (with all the wasted space around the outside removed) we can have these professionally printed, making the patterns loads easier to read. Hopefully in the future we will be able to reduce our carbon footprint more by sourcing embroidery hoops that are made in the UK!
  • Improving our instruction guides / tutorials – we will be making changes to our instruction guides to include some easy to follow diagrams that you can easily access through the website, this will include everything from learning how to stitch to finishing your hoop and doing back stitch.
  • Youtube channel – I have been threatening this for ages so hopefully/maybe this will be something that will happen this year!
  • Adding more products to our supplies section of the site – we know that we can’t compete with the big guys on this (it’s not really our bag!) but we want to be able to offer you the stuff you need for your stitchy projects

I think that’s enough to keep us occupied for a few months 🙂 as always we will be constantly updating the site with new kits and products throughout the year!

Happy Stitching

Jess xx

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