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Hey lovelies! thank you so much to everyone who read and commented on the last blog post – I really appreciate it 🙂 so this week’s blog post is all about my Top stitchy tips! Just random things I have picked up along the way really. Everyone does things differently so don’t worry if you do it a little a differently to me (if you have any other tips I would love to hear them!)

Some of the things on the list I am going to go into more detail (with pictures and stuff) so look out for that pretty soon

  • Always start in the middle of your fabric and work outwards – To find the centre, fold your piece of material into four and then where all the lines cross is the approximate centre, you then just need to put this into the middle of your hoop and stitch away!
  • To make your stitch super neat always keep the stitches in the same direction and also keep the thread flat and try not to let it twist. If it does twist hold onto your hoop and let the needle and thread (still attached) dangle down in front of you. When all the twists have dropped out, carry on stitching!
  • When you have finished your pattern (do a little dance first) then always undo from your hoop and give it a quick iron (if its a little crumpled) then you can re position back in your hoop & get it really central and straight
  • Finishing your hoop – I will be going into more detail about this soon but a quick tip is to cut off all the access material (pretty close) to the hoop and then if you want to you can cut out a piece of material, felt or paper and place over the back of your stitches (to cover them) make sure that you use double sided tape (rather than glue) to do this otherwise it make come through the fabric
  • If you are finding it difficult to stitch on black material – place a light or piece of white paper underneath and it will make it easier to see the holes
  • Always use 3 strands of thread to stitch with (unless the pattern advises differently) and always cut a length of around 30cm to use at a time (otherwise you will get in a bit of a tangled mess!) to seperate the strands gently rub the thread together and it will start to come away from each other & you can then split into three and gently pull apart.

These are just my top tips that I get asked the most 🙂 if you have any top tips that would like to share, please let me know! or if you have something that you are struggling with, please leave in the comments below

Happy Stitching!

Jess XXX

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