What’s the deal?!

Hello! and welcome to the first ever GSC blog post (all to be written by me, Jess!)

Every week (don’t hold me to it though!) I am hoping to do a post about issues that are important to us at the GSC, behind the scenes stuff, tutorials & tips – that sort of thing! If you have any requests please let me know 🙂

I thought it would be fun to start with a little more about us, what we are about & who we are & how this crazy stitchy journey started. Back in 2014 (which really does seem like ages ago!) I decided I needed to get back into doing something creative and fun as a hobby & stitching was always something that I used to love to do with my mum when I was growing up (cheers for that mum!) but the only patterns I could find were pretty boring and also wayyy to big for me to do. ( I am a typical Sagittarius … impatient, over promising & apparently witty lols) so i decided to start designing my own. My husband got me a design program for my birthday and I was away! Every pun I had heard I turned into a pattern, every food I could think of I put a face on it & to be honest I never thought that anyone would like them (and want to spend their hard earned cash on them) as much as I did but I was wrong! it seemed like there wasn’t enough cute stitchy stuff available & I thought it would be fun to do a subscription club, so I put it out there and that was that, the first Avocado themed box was listed on Etsy and 19 people brought one. I was so stoked! Little did I know that every single would go wrong with that first box & I thought that I had ruined it before I had even gotten out the starting blocks.

Next came the 2 years of a living nightmare (bit dramatic I know) I was in that classic in-betweeny phase – not quite enough sales for a full time job, too many orders to cope with part time. I have always been a hard working (thank you again Sagittarius traits) but i was working 40 hours a week on my full time job, then every single weekend and evening on my side project & I have never experienced stress like it before & it was the worst! In the end my dad (who I was working for at the time) told me I had to leave soon to run my business full time otherwise he was going to fire me haha!

Next came my first year of being self employed, man that was almost as hard as the previous 2 years. Going from working for a company with nearly 100 people to just me … and the dog. It took me a full year to really get into a routine and trying to convince people that I was running a ‘proper’ business (now I couldn’t care less haha!) and to stop taking everything to heart & to really believe in myself.

The second year (2017/18) has been awesome, I feel like a proper business owner now (soon to be a Ltd company!) plus two employees (one full, one part-time) which is pretty sweet & almost 1000 kits a month so I really am living my stitchy dreams. Not to say that running your own company isn’t hard and stressful & there are days when I just feel like running away and living in the woods but on the whole the good days outweigh the bad ones & that has to be a good thing right?

The current set up is a bit like this …

  • Me (Jess) I work full time my main role is designing, new products, customer service, helping out with orders, plus running the business kinda tasks (like reports/ finance, dealing with HMRC (YAWN) payroll etc)
  • Karen has just started full time (she is my auntie!) and works full time, processing all your orders and club boxes – right from cutting all the thread & material, packaging up etc & dropping them off at the post office
  • Chloe is currently on maternity leave (she is my cousin!) and used to work part time, just doing the club boxes – hopefully in the future she will come back and work a day helping out with the kids club stuff
  • Mr P/ James / Eric (my husband with many names, its confusing so I just refer to him as Mr P) he is chief postman and goes to the post office every day (pretty much) with loads of grey sacks crammed into the back of the car. He is also a master at technology and helping me out with jigs and new machines & generally being awesome.
  • Barley the dog – he is the GSC mascot & super cute but so weird!

So that’s our team! its small but its mighty and also family run 🙂 my parents, brother & my close friends are also great cheerleaders! I really wanted to keep that personal touch with all our customers and all orders go out with a handwritten note, a lolly and confetti because life is hard enough & I want you to be happy when you open a parcel from us 🙂 so thank you to all our customers for being so great & coming back to us time and time again

16 thoughts on “What’s the deal?!

  1. Hi from Utah, USA. I read the first blog. I love your stitching club and my Happy Mail box I get once a month. I am a social worker and I work with people with disabilities. Coming home and doing some stitching is a great stress reliever for me. I love the sucker too!

  2. It’s lovely to hear the background around it all, I never realised it was family run! And you’re so inspiring setting up your own full time business – that’s the goal for me with my little part time one alongside the day job and being a new Mummy!!

  3. What an inspiring story! It’s brilliant to know the background and so lovely that your family are all supporting you? (btw if you ever want to expand to sunny Blackpool-im your gal?)

    Can’t wait for the next one xx

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